40 Years Expert On Industrial Engineering

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Pathway to Cost Reduction Chart

Pathway to Cost Reduction Chart

He has more than 40 years experience in industrial engineering, product automation, materials handling and lean manufacturing management and specializes in the following areas:

DC Operations Labor Standards Kit

As an adjunct to our manufacturing productivity systems, we have a special service for distribution centers that wish to undertake the improvement...

Labor standards and methods for Manufacturing

The Developed Unit Cost Expectation Industrial Engineered Standards Methods, Select Desired...

Labor standards and methods for the Distribution Center

Similar to manufacturing objectives, warehousing and distribution objectives are to minimize cost and maximize...

Gain Sharing Incentive System

JD Gray Associates will use the kemper tregoe decision analysis technique with company management task force to assist in...

Classic Productivity Systems

For the assembly manufacturer

is a collection of labor and space optimization techniques, assembly conveyor types, case histories, materials handling sizing dials and examples of various return-on-investment scenarios designed to assist the industrial sector be cost competitive.

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Joseph D. Gray is a contract industrial engineer doing business over 30 years for 50 plus corporations involving 200 productivity projects. He has in-depth experience analyzing an entire facility to develop a cost reduction master plan prior to implementation or performing productivity projects within the fields of direct labor controls, materials handling mechanization and product automation...

Joseph Gray Director of JD Gray Associates

Semi Automatic Manufacturing And Warehouse Systems

Short Term Projects


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